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BioNeuro Academy

Courses about biofeedback - HRV, stressmanagement, and neurofeedback - Frequency Band and QEEG for professionals and non-professionals.

Medical Devices

In our portfolio we offer: NeXus 10 devices and ANT Neuro: eego 24 - all our products are compatible with BrainAssistant software.

Home Devices

Mindfield Biosystems: eSense products, Neurobit Systems: Neurobit Optima and CGX products - all our products are compatible with Brainassistant software.

Take Care of Your Health

BioNeuro Academy

Our aim at the BioNeuro Academy is, to teach (professionals and non professionals) with internationally recognized instructors, evidence based methods in the biofeedback and neurofeedback field.

Individual Therapy

If you are interested in a consultation or a biofeedback - neurofeedback and lifestyle medicine, please contact us. We are working with highly skilled therapists and mentors all over Hungary.

Medical & Home Devices

We offer biofeedback-neurofeedback devices to help in cases of anger control, high tension, panic attack, sweathy hands, hyperventillation, high blood pressure, relaxation, anxiousness, meditation, pain.

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